Chris Pearce


Award-winning product designer based in Tokyo, available for global remote work.

Specialising in product design for furniture, homewares, automotive, consumer electronics, soft goods and music hardware for clients across Asia and Europe.

Honda, Yamaha Music, Yamaha Motors,  Lululemon, Herman Miller, Hitachi, Sony, NTT Docomo, House Foods, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Terumo, Roche, TEAM GB, SUN METALON, IKOU, Healios

Spare-time music production and sound design.



Vial-based Pen Injector

Improved dose accuracy and safer delivery

Roche x Crux Product Design

Awarded Red Dot Design Award, 2020 and iF Design Award, 2020
The Vial-Based Pen Injector reduces the number of user steps required to prepare a dose, whilst implementing features to reduce the risk of needle stick injuries and improve dose accuracy. The device enables safe and effective drug delivery at home, providing a higher standard of patient care. Drugs stored in vials are currently prepared using various vial-to-syringe systems, requiring the user to withdraw and set a specific dose using a syringe prior to use. These systems may have several problems including: a high number of complex user steps, injection and needle phobia, risk of errors in setting the correct dose and a risk of needle stick injuries. These factors make at-home treatment and paediatric drug delivery extremely challenging.

The Vial-Based Pen Injector redefines how and where vial-based drugs can be delivered. Whilst pre-filled products offer user convenience, due to regulatory challenges, they incur a significant time delay prior to market approval. For this reason, many drugs go to market in vials. In addition, many drugs requiring low drug volumes are impossible to dose accurately, requiring users to manually fill individual syringes to the correct volume. Studies indicate that physicians, nurses and patients all experience challenges setting the correct dose volume. Furthermore, preparing a syringe may be time-consuming and can cause sterility/contamination issues, leading to increased healthcare costs.

The Vial-Based Pen Injector creates a new device category, utilising low-cost vials to provide best-in-class benefits. Critically, as there are no requirements to prefill, it enables pharmaceutical companies to market the drugs quickly and deliver critical to care drugs without incurring regulatory delays. A host of user-centric features were developed, including a simple rotating dial to set the correct dose, a selected dose window to display the delivery volume and a vial retention collar that prevents accidental reuse. Needle safety features were also implemented with study results showing that needle-stick injuries have been mitigated across user demographics.

The Vial-Based Pen Injector has reduced the number of user steps required to prepare an injection. With simplified user steps and several novel safety features, the product enables at-home use and self-injection without requiring a caregiver or physician to administer the drug. Patients no longer have to travel to a hospital just to receive medication.