Chris Pearce


Award-winning product designer based in Tokyo, available for global remote work.

Specialising in product design for furniture, homewares, automotive, consumer electronics, soft goods and music hardware for clients across Asia and Europe.

Honda, Yamaha Music, Yamaha Motors,  Lululemon, Herman Miller, Hitachi, Sony, NTT Docomo, House Foods, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Terumo, Roche, TEAM GB, SUN METALON, IKOU, Healios

Spare-time music production and sound design.




Temporary accessories, designed to last

Concept project for IKEA
With more of us choosing to live in urban centers, the average household size is decreasing. We are forced to become increasingly savvy with how we use our space, yet despite some great solutions out there, each and every small apartment inevitably forces you to compromise on some peices of furniture. Lack of space for bedside furniture is a common difficulty in small bedrooms, especially with double bed placed in the room. KLIPPA replaces the functionality of a typical bedside table, offering storage space for books, phones and other objects while also supplying a lamp for pre-sleep reading. With the functions seperated, accessories can be arranged in any unused wall-space around the bedside - a versatile solution for even the most challenging of small bedroom spaces.

Finding desirable space-saving solutions when living in a small apartment can be tough. Often, these solutions are designed as ‘temporary’ measures with poor quality materials, poor manufacturing quality and generaly unappealing aeshetics. Holding little sentimantal value, these solutions are often discarded as the user moves from home to home. KLIPPA aims to address this issue, offering a forever-temporary space-savvy solution to bedside storage. KLIPPA accessories can be placed and removed with no damage to walls, saving renters the punishment of reduced return in their apartment deposits when moving out. 

1. Book holder

A simple hook designed to recieve a typical size paper-back novel. The small groove features allow for thinner books to be leant against the wall at incremental angles. 

2. Phone Holder

Designed to recieve any sized smartphone safely and securely. A 45 degree angle ensures stability and reduces strain when a charging cable is connected, increasing cable health over time.

3. Tray

A simple, sturdy tray with a soft felt flooring. Designed to fit reading glasses and a few other essentials. An optional lid allows users to store with discretion. 

4. Lamp

A reading lamp with 4 brightness levels and 2 colour tones. Tap interactions can be used to cycle through options and swith the lamp on/off.