Chris Pearce


Award-winning product designer based in Tokyo, available for global remote work.

Specialising in product design for furniture, homewares, automotive, consumer electronics, soft goods and music hardware for clients across Asia and Europe.

Honda, Yamaha Music, Yamaha Motors,  Lululemon, Herman Miller, Hitachi, Sony, NTT Docomo, House Foods, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Terumo, Roche, TEAM GB, SUN METALON, IKOU, Healios

Spare-time music production and sound design.



Indoor Coat

Warm clothing for cold days in

Apparel design concept
Insulating technologies have become so light, affordable and available in the last decade, with brands like Columbia, Patagonia, Montbell and Uniqlo all developing ranges of lightweight outdoor thermal clothing. However, its not only outdoors where people feel the cold. In regions such as Japan, winter can be tough even indoors. Frustratingly, there are few coats that are made with materials and silhouettes that feel appropriate for home use. All that fantastic technology is somehow forgotten when thinking of indoor clothing. This indoor coat concept seeks to reverse that thinking, using lightweight 3M Thinsulate and domestic materiality to keep the wearer physically and psychologically comfortable when at home. 

Concept 1: Coarse-weave fabric usually found on soft furnishings such as sofas and cushions. Warm face covering for harsh winters.

Concept 2: Extendable hand warmers, removeable lower sleeves, built-in neck warmer and optional mini-blanket.

Concept 3: Half-zip collar, optional face covering.

Concept 4: Heavy terry cloth fabric, adjustable sleeves to trap/release heat as needed, half-zip collar