Chris Pearce


Award-winning product designer based in Tokyo, available for global remote work.

Specialising in product design for furniture, homewares, automotive, consumer electronics, soft goods and music hardware for clients across Asia and Europe.

Honda, Yamaha Music, Yamaha Motors,  Lululemon, Herman Miller, Hitachi, Sony, NTT Docomo, House Foods, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Terumo, Roche, TEAM GB, SUN METALON, IKOU, Healios

Spare-time music production and sound design.



1993 Suzuki Carry 3D Asset

High-detail 3D model for sale here
The Kei Truck is the smallest highway-legal class of four-wheel vehicle in Japan. Their extreme durability, versatility and low cost compared to other utility vehicle options has led to their cult-status popularity throughout Japan and Asia. They are fit for purpose in a wide range of industries including general utility, delivery, fishing and agriculture, but have more recently been adopted into emergency service fleets. 

The Kei Truck evolved from an earlier three-wheeled vehicle called ‘San-Rin’, a popular post-war utility motorcyle-truck with a small cargo area. Now, they are classified by a maximum length, width, height and displacement, carry a max load of around 350kg and typically boast a max speed of around 75mph.

The Kei truck asset was used by Tonko House Productions on Netflix’s ‘ONI: Thunder God’s Tale’. The series tells a story of love and fear through a distinctly Japanese setting, making use of Japanese cultural characters and elements, both traditional and modern, as key storytelling tools.